You Can Never Have Too Much Yarn, Right?!?!

I just ordered my birthday yarn – the one time a year when I gorge myself on beautiful fiber and feel no guilt! It will be here sometime next week probably, and I will likely lose my mind with impatience before then. Since it will be a while before I can roll around in it like a pig in mud, I’m posting the beautiful pics of the yarn for all to enjoy!

Smooshy 3
Smooshy 2
Smooshy 1
MadTosh Sea Salt

Many of these will be for the knit series that will come after Firefly. Perhaps there is one color in particular that might give away the theme? Especially if you know that I’m a giant nerd with an affinity for sci-fi and Brits? =)

I’ve never worked with any of these, so I’m hoping the reviews are right and I’m going to find new favorites. I sadly chose to skip Knit Picks this time. They’ve been discontinuing a lot of yarns lately and half of my stash is no longer useable for designing.

I’ll take pictures of my new stash as soon as it arrives – once I’ve had my fill of petting and ogling it.

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