My hands are itchy just looking at my stash.

This isn’t my entire inventory, just the stuff that makes me happy to look at and that I have immediate (next 5 designs) plans for. I have A LOT of random yarns that I purchased before I got smart about my buys. I’m coming up with some ways to cleverly use up yarn you either a. don’t have a lot of (stash busters!) or b. are no longer excited to work and just want to be rid of. I think I’m due for a project that clears out the yarns I no longer love to make room for the ones I adore (this also helps clear out my brain). Be on the look out for a new stash busting design! In the meantime, here is a FREE one from a couple of years ago that can use up a little (time-out rug?) or a lot (carpet your house!) of unused worsted weight: Loopy Patchwork Rug

The happiest rainbow on earth.

Stroll Tonal Rainbow
I adore Knit Picks Stroll Tonal and I have a for reals rainbow of colorways to choose from. I have plans for most of these but I’m a little torn about breaking up the family because they look so pretty sitting in my stash. If you are a Firefly fan you can probably guess which colorways are going to be used for which characters.

More Knit Picks – shocking, I know!

Wool of the Andes
These Wool of the Andes Bulky are being used for Wasn’t Born a Shepherd – a felted satchel based on Shepherd Book. The cross-like design is a swatch for the strap pattern. It will be felted, once I figure out how to do that in a front loading machine!

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