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Tina Newton is the owner of Blue Moon Fiber Arts (BMFA for short). The production facility is in a barn next to her home on a serene piece of land surrounded by trees and a creek. In our video interview we talked about inspiration, pond scum, and her plans for world yarn domination.

The main house, where we had our interview, had something fiber related tucked in every nook. A giant spinning wheel (I’m not exaggerating – the wheel was massive!), a small loom, a large loom (that I’m told has become the trampoline for the cat), buckets of every size of knitting needle, yarn and roving here and there, multi-colored umbrellas in the rafters – exactly how you’d imagine the house of someone who¬†dreams of color combinations and has dedicated her life to the fiber arts.

Tina Newton's House

Behind the house is a chicken coop, though most of her small brood of happy chickens were freely roaming the grounds. Fans of BMFA hear about the chickens through Tina’s blog and many have sent her chicken figurines and art over the years. I got to see some chicks use their mama as a jungle gym (aren’t kids the same in every species?) and see them all get a snack of popcorn.

Chickens at Blue Moon Fiber Arts

After our chat, we headed to the barn so I could take pictures and drool over the dozens and dozens of colorful skeins hanging from the ceiling and walls. You know when you smell bread baking and your mouth waters because you know how good it’s going to taste. Well it was like that, but with yarn.

Yarn drying at Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Since BMFA hand paints every skein, and dyes to order, the barn looked like a kaleidoscope with dozens of colorways in every corner. The prep, hand painting, setting, and drying all happens here so there are tubs of blank skeins, jars and jugs of dyes, and what looks like an outdoor catering station with a tall rolling rack and chafing dishes (mmm, delicious yarn brisket…).

Yarn dyeing at Blue Moon Fiber Arts

It was an amazing day at Blue Moon Fiber Arts and I left feeling so inspired!

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Many thanks to Tina and the team at Blue Moon Fiber Arts for letting me come and chat and swoon over their beautiful work!

Check out Blue Moon Fiber Arts and follow Tina’s blogging adventures, then go to Ravelry and join their most active group: Socks that Rawk! Wondering if BMFA is available near you? Check out all the places you can find them HERE!
All images copyright Kimberly Golynskiy.

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