The Olympics

The One Time Every Two Years I Care About Sports.

I hope you are all enjoying watching the games as much as I am! I’ve been watching much more intensely than other years because my sister and brother-in-law are there and we keep hoping to spot them in the crowd. We have yet to see them, but even so, the games have been so exciting. From the Russian ice skating duo (how good were they?!?) to the first ever double gold medal in women’s skiing for Switzerland and Slovenia (I was soooo happy the Swiss skier won after all the surgeries she had to endure on her knee) to the first ever US medal in luge (and a woman to boot!) – the Olympics are more than rooting for your home team. It’s amazing to watch people devote their lives to something they love. Even more, it has been so touching to see that good sportsmanship has no borders – I almost cried when the Canadian coach rushed to replace a broken ski for a Russian skier just so he could finish the race.

Olympics Red

We’re getting updates from my sister and they are having a blast. We were a bit worried because they were supposed to be staying on a cruise ship just off the coast, but a bunch of officials from the IOC didn’t like their unfinished hotel rooms, so they took over the ships and kicked off all the regular folks. Fortunately, they’ve met many families of Olympic athletes who are in the same situation and they’ve been amazingly kind and helpful. So all has worked out and now they’re just enjoying watching a ton of events. They watched the Russia versus Slovenia hockey game and said the stadium went bananas when Russia won. Next up is USA versus Slovenia hockey – see if you can play “Where’s Waldo” with my hat designs in the crowd (or possibly on the Today Show!).


And on the topic of my hats – my sister was in the official Team USA Olympic store in Sochi and someone from the Olympic committee asked about her hat. She told her it was designed specifically for her and the woman asked for my contact info because she’d like to order some! So cool!

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