Wasn’t Born a Shepherd


Mal: “It’s of interest to me how much you seem to know about that world.”
Shepherd Book: “I wasn’t born a shepherd, Mal.”
Mal: “You have to tell me about that sometime.”
Shepherd Book: “No, I don’t.”

Wasn’t Born a Shepherd is the fourth design in my Firefly/Serenity series based on the character Shepherd Book. It is a felted wide messenger bag/satchel with a double knit colorful patterned strap and braided i-cord side attachments. The strap is fully reversible and has a pattern with stylized crosses to help you in your mission to bring “religiosity to the fuzzy-wuzzies.” I imagine Shepherd carrying his Bible and a box of strawberries in this bag (ample room for both) as he brings the word to those who need it.

The other designs from this series are: a wrap for Inara called The Ambassador, a poncho for Zoe called Big Damn Heroes, and a shawl for Wash called Leaf on the Wind.

Now also available through the Knit Picks IDP!