The Ambassador


Kaylee Frye: “The term is ‘companion.’”
Mal: “I always get those mixed up. How’s business?”
Inara: “None of yours.”
Mal: “She is pretty much our ambassador. There’s plenty of planets wouldn’t let ya dock without a decent companion on board.”

The Ambassador is the third design in my Firefly/Serenity series based on the character Inara Serra. It is a long beaded wrap with 4 distinct parts of the design: 1. Beaded and lightly cabled diamonds along the bottom, 2. Beaded lace curly-cues along the sides (simulating the veil she wears in the episode “Trash”), 3. A slipped stitch dense, lightly beaded middle section, and 4. A sideways knitted on lace top edge that corrects the differences in fabric density. Like Inara, the design is elegant, bold, and very sparkly.

The piece can be worn several ways; wrap, shawl, scarf, headscarf, or backless wrapped shirt. It is knit flat from the long bottom edge up, with the top edge knitted on sideways.

The other designs in the series are Leaf on the Wind based on Wash, Big Damn Heroes based on Zoe, and Wasn’t Born a Shepherd based on Book.

Also available through the Knit Picks IDP – where you can get the yarn and pattern together!