Reyes de España Shawl


This is the second in a series of adventure shawls made for my best friend Monika to chronicle our travels together. The Reyes de España Shawl captures our amazing trip together through southern Spain with three other friends. We lived like kings, eating jamon and manchego everyday and enjoying a pot of sangria every night while we watched the stars over the olive orchard.

The shawl has a unique construction that combines a circular shawl with a triangle shawl. The circular middle panel represents the beautiful geometric tiles at the Alhambra. The outer lace pattern mimics the skirts of the flamenco dancers on the streets of Sevilla during the Feria celebration. Although you may not have traveled with us, you can still enjoy this beautiful Spanish inspired adventure shawl.

Also available through the Knit Picks IDP – where you can get the yarn and pattern together!