Reflection & Refraction


Who doesn’t love rainbows? I mean, really, of all the things in nature, rainbows are definitely one of the coolest. No matter how old I get, when I see one it still makes me really happy. Not only are rainbows beautiful, but the science behind them is also quite amazing. Rainbows happen when sunlight hits raindrops at a specific angle and the light is refracted while entering then reflected inside on the back of the droplet and refracted again. It doesn’t physically exist and you can only see it if the sun is behind you. Amazing!

The Reflection & Refraction shawl is from the SCIENCE IS BEAUTIFUL series. It has a heart-shaped shawl construction and uses varying shades of beads to create a beautiful rainbow effect. The stitches used create an undulating arced pattern. This shawl is rainbow-y enough to rock at a pride event, elegant enough to wear to a wedding, and versatile enough to mix into your everyday wardrobe.

Also available through the Knit Picks IDP – where you can get the yarn and pattern together!