F*ck Cancer Hat


My dad was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer in July 2003. He was given 6 weeks to live, told to get his affairs in order, go home, and wait to die. He was 52 and this was unacceptable for him – he decided to fight. In June 2005, after nearly two years of chemo, radiation, pic lines, feeding tubes, and numerous hospital stays, he finally lost his battle. With every birthday, holiday, wedding, or birth of a grandchild he will never meet, all I can think is F*ck Cancer.

In June 2014, my 3 year old niece was diagnosed with brain cancer and is currently undergoing 8 months of chemo. For reals, F*CK CANCER. Because of her, I have updated to include 4 sizes (baby through big headed adults), 3 yarn weights (fingering, sport, worsted), and charts for “F*ck Cancer,” “Fight Cancer,” and “Cancer Sucks” for all sizes as well as “Cancer Schmancer” for sizes M & L in fingering and L in sport.

This hat is for anyone who is battling cancer, has lost someone to it, or is supporting someone in their fight. It’s a perfect chemo hat or to wear during a cancer walk or run.