Elemental: Colors of Metal


Like other heavy elements, metals were formed through nuclear fusion after a star died and became a supernova. Although most elements were relatively unknown before the 19th and 20th centuries, metallic elements have shaped human development from the very beginning. Even parts of our history – the Bronze Age and the Iron Age – are defined by what we as a species were doing with metal. Metallic elements have fascinated humans since we learned to walk upright and say “ooooh!”

The Elemental: Colors of Metal shawl is from the SCIENCE IS BEAUTIFUL series. This shawl includes an example of the colors that occur among the metallic elements – white (Ti), dark metallic grey (Fe), copper (Cu), silver (Ag), bluish-gray (Os), and gold (Au). Each element is depicted with its accurate electron configuration with “electron” beads in the color of the element. This shawl would be perfect as a wedding shawl or veil. It is very delicate and the metallic coloring of the beads makes them very subtle.

Also available through the Knit Picks IDP – where you can get the yarn and pattern together!