Debra Peacock Tail Shawl


I have become slightly obsessed with peacock feathers since I knit the snow peacock by Tonks a few years ago as a wedding present for my sister-in-law. My mom loved it and hinted at every special occasion that she would like a shawl with a peacock motif. I decided to try my hand at designing one specially for her with my own version of a peacock tail, complete with nubs, helixes, leaves, defined beaded feathers, and beaded plumed edging. She loves, loves, loves it and I might be the favorite daughter for a while! My grandma, having seen mom’s shawl, pouted and sighed until I assured her I was designing one for her, too – now available as the Lola Celtic Knots Shawl.

There are five separate pattern sections that make up the shawl. There is some beadwork (using green, blue, turquoise, and brown seed beads) when you get to the tail feathers, but if that’s not your thing, you can omit them and just knit those stitches normally.