One Test Begins and Another is Ready to Go!

My kid’s idea of good modeling.

The Seismography test is about 70% full now. I expect this to be a much less involved and quicker test than I’m used to. Hopefully this does not skew my perception too much as Wasn’t Born a Shepherd is ready to go and I expect a felted project with double knitting to give me much more trouble!

Wasn't Born a Shepherd

The call will go out to my Early Birds first, then to my group, and finally to the Testing Pool. I’m really excited about this one and I can’t wait to see all the variations you brilliant knitters will come up with. Felting is part science, part art, and part luck so I know this one might be a bit of a challenge. I’ll be looking for some brave souls who can channel the fearlessness of Shepherd Book for the design inspired by his character. 🙂

Not part of my Early Birds and want to know how to get on the list?
Step 1. Sign up for a test (any test – even the Retro Test which is still open!)
Step 2. Create a project page and post at least 1 picture
Step 3. Complete the test by the listed DEADLINE

That’s it! And then you get in on first dibs on all future tests!

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