On the Subject of Submissions

Man, I’m bad at blogging. This falls to the wayside when I’m overwhelmed by other knitting stuff, but it shouldn’t because this is where I can tell you what’s going on and what’s coming up.

Status update on upcoming tests:
Wasn’t Born a Shepherd: The prototype has been finished since February, but the straps were too wide and too short for my liking so I need to resize. However, since you can’t undo felting, and I don’t have enough to make another bag, I need to do the math, change the pattern and then put it to the testers to be guinea pigs. It’s coming soon, I promise!

Wasn't Born a Shepherd 2

Little Albatross: She’s hanging out on a dress form waiting to be frogged and restarted. I do enjoy how it looks now, but there are some definite fit issues I need to fix.

Little Albatross

Seismography (picture at top): It started off as a submission, but didn’t make the cut, sooo testing will be coming soon to my Ravelry group. Which brings me to the subject of Submissions.

The beginning of this year has been weird. I’ve been working on my independently published designs (like the Firefly series) while also trying to work on Calls for Submissions for yarn companies, magazines, and books. These usually start with a theme and mood board, some of which are incredibly inspiring, and give you 2-3 weeks to come up with an idea. They ask for a sketch and swatches, but since I’m terrible at drawing, I usually make the actual design and send a picture. Then it’s 4-6 weeks to hear back, then sample making, pattern making, tech editing, professional photography, and release! It’s a long process, but inevitably worth it if your idea is accepted.

I have one submission coming out this summer – which I can’t talk about – but I’m really excited for it and will let you know as soon as “they” tell me I can!!

Not everything is accepted, and it’s a real bummer to get the rejection. But the plus side of making the prototype instead of just a drawing is that I’m ready to go with a new design as soon as I get the decline email!

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