Oh, the Excitement of a New Test!

I love the feeling after I’ve finished a prototype and tech edited the pattern and am getting ready to start a test. There is so much energy and enthusiasm when the test begins, from picking yarns, to swatching, to the initial rush of trying to knit as much as possible as fast as possible. Understandably, the excitement inevitably tapers out a bit, but that doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of seeing your designs brought to life by amazing knitters.

I completely understand why people who make a living through creative means, have a hard time switching to typical jobs. It is sublime to create something from conception to fruition, have it come out exactly as you imagine, and then to have other people love it, too!

Testing for The Ambassador will begin this week, and I’m so excited to see the amazing adaptations, alterations, and beautiful finished projects from my testers. With every test, I hone my skills of clarity, charting, and pattern writing. And with every new tester I work with, I make new (and hopefully lasting) connections with wonderful, dedicated, and helpful knitters who give me their time and feedback without asking for anything tangible in return (I know free patterns are a sort of commodity, but you can’t pay your rent with them!). Test knitters ensure that the patterns are clear, result in a beautiful finished piece, and that the designer is able and willing to respond to any questions along the way.

The Ambassador Back View

I am very thankful for testers because they help to raise the quality and standards for all patterns and help provide the possibility that I can become a full-time designer. Big HUGS to all my testers and all the testers I have yet to meet!

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