Island of Misfit Knits

One of the most exhilarating things about designing is coming up with a vision in your head, planning it out, knitting it, and it coming out exactly as you imagined. The amount of time this happens on the first try is about 1 in 100. The other 99 are either steps in the right direction towards your ultimate vision, something that won’t quite work as planned but might still be usable some day, or just an utter failure that gets cannibalized for yarn or floats off to the Island of Misfit Knits.

My vision in the first-ish version – knitting it partway twice counts as the first time for me. =)

Big Damn Heroes

Something there. Was the first version of The Ambassador, ended up looking a little too country for Inara, but maybe for Nandi?

The First Ambassador

Utter failure. I wanted it to look like a cupcake.

Cupcake Skirt

My island lives in my knitting cabinet, tucked neatly in a box so I can occasionally pull out each piece, sigh about the amount of time it took, and then put it away again. Maybe someday I’ll sew all the unused, unloved failures together and make the creepiest quilt of all time.

What do you do with the things you make and don’t like? Do you frog them, give them away, or just let them fester in your own Island of Misfit Knits?

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