Indie Design Spotlight – We Love You, Admins!

The Indie Design Gift-A-Long would not be possible without hundreds of volunteer hours from many, many people. And making sure everything is thought of, decided on, figured out, pieced together, planned, completed, and all on time – are our amazing Admin team: Nina Machlin Dayton, Lindsay Lewchuk, and Simone Kereit!

As a small token of thanks for all they do, I want to highlight some of my very favorite of their designs! I’m looking at designs in 3 categories:
1. QUICK Gifting: You know, for the person you kind of have to knit for, but maybe not the type you really want to knit for, but of course you still want to make something beautiful because you take pride in your knitting. Or is this just me? Or maybe you just have a lot of people you love but not enough time to make a fingering weight sweater for each!
2. SPECIAL Gifting: Gifts worthy of someone worthy of hand-knits.
3. SELFISH Knitting: Mine, mine, all mine!!



QUICK Gifting: Runcible Hat

Copyright Nina Machlin Dayton

The Runcible Hat is made with Worsted Weight and available in 5 sizes from baby to large-headed adult. This hat knits up quickly and is so stylish and wearable it would make a great gift for anyone!


SPECIAL Gifting: Bridgeport Cowl

Copyright Nina Machlin Dayton

The Bridgeport Cowl is made with 2 colors of DK, so still pretty quick, but oh so cool and sure to become a staple in your giftee’s wardrobe!


SELFISH Knitting: Impari Shawlette

Copyright Nina Machlin Dayton

Ok, so the Impari Shawlette is made with only 350 yds of Worsted weight, so technically it could qualify as a gift. So why do I list it under selfish? Well, because I want to be the only person in my life who wears this so I keep all the stylishness for myself. Hey, I called it selfish for a reason.



QUICK Gifting: Ruffle Bumpkin

Copyright Lindsay Lewchuk

Ruffle Bumpkin uses a mere 100 yds of Aran weight and is available in 15 sizes! This is an adorable super quick gift for all the babies and expecting mamas in your life.


SPECIAL Gifting: Linked In Cuffs

Copyright Lindsay Lewchuk

Linked In Cuffs are made with DK weight and are a very classy accessory with cables and buttons – 2 things that non-knitters think are super complicated and therefore more thoughtful!


SELFISH Knitting: Solar Flare Circular Shawl

Copyright Lindsay Lewchuk

Sorry friends and family, if I’m knitting a Solar Flare, a gradient fingering weight shawl with over 800 beads, I’m keeping it all to myself. And possibly hanging it on the wall. Behind glass. And pointing all my furniture towards it so guests have to ask me about it.



QUICK Gifting: Chase the Cold boot topper

Copyright OwlCat Designs

Chase the Cold boot toppers are made with Bulky weight yarn, available in 4 sizes, and 3 languages (ausgezeichnet! incroyable!).


SPECIAL Gifting: Glowing Embers

OwlCat Designs

Glowing Embers is a colorwork shawl that doesn’t require stranded (yay!) and uses less than 400 yds of Worsted weight.


SELFISH Knitting: Háifoss

Copyright OwlCat Designs

I love anything that looks like a mermaid might wear it (you know, if mermaids wore clothes). Háifoss is a beautiful lace weight shawl with over 1200 beads and would make a perfect wrap for a summer wedding (take your selfishness to a new level and upstage the bride!).


All of these patterns are 25% with code giftalong2015 through November 27, 2015 at 11:59pm (US-EST). Show our wonderful Admins how much you love the Gift-A-Long by favoriting, queuing, or even better, buying (they are discounted, remember?) your favorite patterns.


  1. Lindsay says:

    Aw, thanks so much for the shout out, Kimberly! I love what you said about solar flare & chuckled too because in fact had it up on my wall for several months until I finally unframed it in order to wear it :-). On the rare occasion someone came to the house, they’d be walked by it for a good look before the rest of the visit commenced.

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