Indie Design Spotlight – The Ultimate Opadoo

When I first saw the Opadoo Challenge (also called the “Head to Toe Challenge”) I thought “no one is going to sign up for that – that’s too hard!” Boy, was I wrong! The GAL ravelers have gone crazy for the challenge and I think several are already done – only 10 days after the start. In today’s spotlight, I make my dream Opadoo that focuses on knits that are both a challenge to make and a joy to show off!


Category 1: Hats & Other Head Things

Confection Hat by knottygnome crafts

© Sara Peterson
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 248 – 372 yards
Why I love it: I love a good slouchy hat to hide my horrific hair days – NEVER try to grow out a pixie cut, just keep it short forever. This hat is not only slouchy, but also lacy, and pompomy, and ridgey, and just all around cute.

Category 2: Cowls, Scarves, & Other Neck Things

Oyez by Lynn Di Cristina

© Lynn Di Cristina
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 230 – 460 yards
Why I love it: It’s a great mix of colors and textures – something I would love to wear.

Category 3: Hand & Arm Things

Fission by Annika Barranti

© Vivian Aubrey
Yarn Weight: Aran
Amount: 225 – 450 yards
Why I love it: They’re just cool. The mix of cables, length, and ties make for a unique set I’d want to show off.

Category 4: Foot & Leg Things

Moira’s Legwarmers by Lisa Beth Houchins

© Rudicil Photography
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 220 – 550 yards
Why I love it: I’m not a sock person, but turns out I do like a good legwarmer and these ones are so pretty and squishy!

Category 5: Sweaters & Other Garments

Antrorse by Shannon Cook

© Nicholas Kupiak
Yarn Weight: Aran
Amount: 827 – 1432 yards
Why I love it: The color, the shape, the texture, the buttons – what’s not to love?

Category 6: Shawls & Stoles

Charm by Rachel Henry


Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 1507 – 1550 yards
Why I love it: I would love to wear this as a stole or a giant snuggly scarf.

Category 7: Kids & Baby Things

Fold by Wondrlanding

© wondrlanding
Yarn Weight: Sport
Amount: 667 – 1761 yards
Why I love it: I love a knit that I can’t immediately figure out how it’s done. This one has some very unique design elements that results in a super precious dress.

Category 8: Toys, Home, & Other Miscellaneous Things

Library afghan by Carol Sunday

© Sunday Knits
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 995 – 2125 yards
Why I love it: It’s the kind of blanket you see on a leather chair next to a fire in a home design magazine. I love crafting things so beautiful that no one believes they’re handmade!


All of these patterns are eligible to knit and win prizes in the KAL threads in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group through December 31, 2015. Come join in the fun and maybe even try to conquer the Opadoo challenge yourself!

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