Indie Design Spotlight – Somebody Knit This For Me

Do you want to know a sad truth about designers? A lot of us do not have time to knit for fun anymore – especially epic projects that require a commitment of weeks or months. There are so many breathtaking patterns I see from other designers and my first thought is “Somebody Knit This For Me.” Today’s spotlight celebrates those most amazing and beautiful epic projects that I wish I time to make.

Mountain Ash by Natalia Sha

Copyright Natalia Sha

Yarn Weight: Lace
Amount: 656 – 984 yards
Why I love it: It’s sooo pretty – it’s like autumn in clothes form! And how clever with the large beads that look like berries.


Lady of the Lake by Lotta Groeger

Copyright Groeger

Yarn Weight: Light Fingering
Amount: 2448 yards
Why I love it: I didn’t know that I needed a knitted parasol until I saw this – now it is a life goal.

Oblique Motion by Jennifer Thompson

Copyright Jennifer Thompson

Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 2496 – 4986 yards
Why I love it: Stranded knitting, stranded purling, and double knitting make this sound like a super fun and challenging project that results in something super stylish!

Little Eavan by Monika Sirna

Copyright Monika Sirna

Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 450 – 1100 yards
Why I love it: So technically, since this is the child’s version, it is not out of the realm of possibility that I can find the time make it… however – there is also an adult version and I really want to knit matching fancy skirts for my daughter and me!

non troppo by Åsa Tricosa

Copyright Åsa Söderman

Yarn Weight: Lace
Amount: 1203 – 1531 yards
Why I love it: It’s giant and fluffy and funky and cool all at the same time.

Potawatomi by Carol Sunday

Copyright Carol Sunday

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 1200 yards
Why I love it: I love a good poncho and this one looks so chic!

Northland Loop by Gege à la Gomme

Copyright Geneviève Bisson

by Gege à la Gomme
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 1680 – 2520 yards
Why I love it: It’s a real-life actual knit coat and so dang cool!

Celtic Sky Dragon by Tania Richter

Copyright Tania Richter

Yarn Weight: Sport
Amount: 1600 yards
Why I love it: I love this double knit shawl since you get twice the design and there is no wrong side!

The Snow Dance by Svetlana Loginova

Copyright Agu949

Yarn Weight: Lace
Amount: 1640 yards
Why I love it: It’s an absolutely stunning Orenburg shawl with options for the shawl or stole and available in both English and Russian.

Persian Dreams Worsted by Jenise Hope

Copyright Jenise Hope

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 6160 yards
Why I love it: This is the design that sparked the idea for this spotlight. I love it, I love it, I love it, and I need someone to knit it for me. Okay, fine. Twist my arm. Maybe I will actually start this one.

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