Indie Design Spotlight – Lovable Weirdos

We all have at least one in the family – I’m married to mine. You know who I’m talking about. This spotlight is for that special person in your life who likes things outside of the norm. We’re talkin’ kooky, kitschy, off the wall knits/crochet.


Sasquatch! by Faye Kennington

© Faye Kennington

Yarn Weight: Super Bulky
Amount: 300 – 305 yards
Why I love it: Dude, it’s a sasquatch balaclava. With head wrinkles, full lips, and a mane of fluffy hair. My husband would’ve demanded this when we lived in MN and worn it daily. Heck, he might just ask for it in CA and suffer in the heat for the joy of wearing it.

Rayguns by Annie Watts

© Kathryn Kaye Photography

Yarn Weight: Light Fingering
Amount: see pattern notes
Why I love it: Pew pew! Let their inner child run around the yard shooting pretend aliens while you make sure their hands don’t freeze off. BTW, it was hard to choose just one of Annie’s designs for this spotlight – check out her GAL bundle for more space stuff and some cryptozoology!

Hobby Horse for Little Knights by Aurélie Colas

© Aurelie Colas

Yarn Weight: Bulky
Amount: 252 – 295 yards
Why I love it: You might say “hey, I know kids that would love that” and you’d be right, but you probably know several grown adults who would gleefully ride this around the house, too.

The Duck Hat by Emily Ringelman

© EmilyRingelman

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: see pattern notes
Why I love it: For that kooky outdoorsman/outdoorswoman in your family – you know the one. Mine’s named Norm.

Squid Amigurumi Bag by Amanda Michelle

© Amanda Michelle

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 450 yards
Why I love it: In hot pink, it’s really really cute – but I’m seeing flesh tones for an Ood or all red for a “Why not, Zoidberg?” and then you reach a whole new demographic in the family.

No, Your Other Left by Kristen McTeer

© Kirsten McTeer

Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 250ish yards
Why I love it: They’re funny and really useful. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has trouble remembering!

Rolf the Reindeer by Ann Klimpert

© Ann Klimpert Designs

Yarn Weight: Super Bulky
Amount: 435 – 440 yards
Why I love it: This reindeer is not amused and does not find you funny.

Squirt, the squirrel by Stana D.Sortor

© Stana D.Sortor

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 135 – 155 yards
Why I love it: I don’t know that anyone needs a squished squirrel, but I know some people who would want one if they knew it existed.

Mike the Platypus by Tahlia Fernandez

© franciscangypsy

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 530 yards
Why I love it: For an adult, softies are basically pillows, and what’s weirder than a platypus pillow?

Sammich Amigurumi Sandwich Toy by cheezombie

© cheezombie

Yarn Weight: Worsted (but any size will work)
Amount: see pattern notes
Why I love it: This sammich has eye. It’s the perfect work desk accessory to make your lovable weirdo smile throughout the day.

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