Indie Design Spotlight – Green With Envy

I love the color green, but designing with green is an entirely different story. Photographing something entirely green can be a nightmare. What looks gorgeous and verdant and vibrant to your eye, often comes out bland and blah and boring to the camera. So in today’s spotlight, I’m Green With Envy over these designs that look oh, so gorgeous in green!


Hermit by Justyna Lorkowska

Copyright Marcin Duda

Yarn: Fingering
Amount: 1258 – 1312 yards
Why I Love it: Multiple shades of green make this fantastic shawl and it’s available in 3 languages!


Leticia Cowl by Katy H. Carroll

Copyright E. Cummings

Yarn: Bulky
Amount: 310 yards
Why I Love it: It’s a beautiful bulky cabled cowl with oversized buttons – the perfect thing for a quick gift!


Orleans by Jenny Wiebe

Copyright Jenny Wiebe

Yarn: Fingering
Amount: 366 – 900 yards
Why I Love it: This dress is absolutely adorable – don’t you just love little ones in bright colors?


Ambages by Lynn Di Cristina

Copyright Lynn Di Cristina

Yarn: Bulky
Amount: 300 – 600 yards
Why I Love it: It’s reversible and you can double it up for extra warmth!


My Favorite Thing by Nicole Montgomery

Copyright Nicole Montgomery

Yarn: Sport
Amount: 1560 – 2620 yards
Why I Love it: It’s a gorgeous bright green long cardi – just the thing to spruce up basics in your wardrobe!


Lora Hat by Szilvia Linczmaier

Copyright Sylvi Design

Yarn: Aran
Amount: 82 – 176 yards
Why I Love it: A quick and beautiful hat. And really, is there anything better than a red head wearing bright green cables?


Revitalize by Sarah Sundermeyer

Copyright Sarah Sundermeyer

Yarn: Worsted
Amount: 110 – 160 yards
Why I Love it: Worsted weight mitts knit up super quick and these mitts actually match the moss. Say that 5 times fast!


Verdant shawl by Elizabeth Felgate

Copyright Elizabeth Felgate

Yarn: Fingering
Amount: 590 – 1000 yards
Why I Love it: It has a leaf and “lawn” motif and even the name means green!


Hibiscus by Clare Devine

Copyright Clare Devine

Yarn: Bulky
Amount: 109 yards
Why I Love it: A bulky lace hat made in this gorgeous green makes a stunning last-minute gift.


Darley Cardigan by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Copyright rockandpurl

Yarn: DK
Amount: 900 – 1800 yards
Why I Love it: Because it’s absolutely adorable and I want one.


Kalari Shawl by Ambah O’Brien

Copyright Ambah O’Brien

Yarn: Fingering
Amount: 600 – 800 yards
Why I Love it: It’s a super versatile green gradient shawl – what’s not to love?


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