Indie Design Spotlight – Fandom 2, Electric Boogaloo

Just like everything in fandom, I loved it so much the first time, I decided to make a sequel and ruin it. My first Fandom spotlight focused on those nerdy patterns that were part of the sale period, but now that the sale is over, I can search all 16,000+ patterns to bring you the very geekiest I can find!


Battlestar Galactica

BSG is awesome. So say we all.

Faster than Light by Gabriella Henry

© sweetp
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 394 – 437 yards
Why I love it: 3…2…1…Jump! At only 394-437 yards of DK weight yarn, this really might be faster than light to knit!

Hunger Games

May the odds be ever in your favor – of getting these knit before the holidays!

Katniss by Julia Stanfield

© j-j
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 421 – 1225 yards
Why I love it: It’s an adorable pullover for your little huntress with a hood and pockets!

Rue’s Song by Lindsey Stephens

© 2012, Lindsey Stephens
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 780 yards
Why I love it: It’s so pretty and cheerful, just like the inspiration. Poor Rue, I’m putting 3 fingers in the air for you.

Game of Thrones

You know knitting, Jon Snow.

Wildlings Hood by Leslie Rueff

© LarcYarn
Yarn Weight: Aran
Amount: 200 – 220 yards
Why I love it: Winter is coming, and this Wildling hood will keep you warm.


Retro futuristic sci-fi sub-genre and aesthetic movement representing an alternative Victorian age universe with robotics – specific enough?


Hardware Heaven – Steampunk Corset by Sarah jane Jackson

© sarahjanedesigns
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 625 – 1012 yards
Why I love it: Dannnnnnng! That is one cool and flattering corset.

Involute by Lana Holden

by named4wool Flickr
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 1800 yards
Why I love it: It’s a giant knit gear!

Mademoiselle Gonin ruffled collar by Handarbeitskram

by Selana Flickr
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 164 – 219 yards
Why I love it: It’s the perfect quick crochet for Steampunk fans.


You have my needles. And my hook. And my loom.

Rivendell Mitts by Maureen Foulds

© Maureen Foulds
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 300 – 400 yards
Why I love it: They beautifully combine nature and architecture – just like Rivendell!

Galadriel by Tamara Moots

© Sherri Pickett 2015
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 85 – 100 yards
Why I love it: Galadriel’s crown from The Hobbit inspired this headband.

Samwise Gamgee by Tabitha’s Heart

© Tabitha’s Heart
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 400 – 450 yards
Why I love it: Because my Sam is the real hero of the story! This is one of many designs by Tabitha inspired by the Lord of the Rings gang.

Leaves of Lothlorien Scarflette by Peggy Jean Kaylor

© pjkaylor
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 110 – 150 yards
Why I love it: Just like the Elven gifts to the fellowship!


I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Molly Hooper by Kimberly Golynskiy

© Kimberly Golynskiy
Yarn Weight: Sport or Fingering
Amount: 100 – 200 yards
Why I love it: Designed for the always cheerful pathologist based on a sweater she wears in The Empty Hearse. Also, great stashbuster!

221Bored by MangoBadango Designs

© MangoBadango Designs
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 425 – 450 yards
Why I love it: Lace versions of the infamous wallpaper, complete with smiley face and bullet holes!

Harry Potter

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. (Yes. More Harry Potter.)

Heliopath Vest by Emma Welford

© Interweave
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 660 – 1320 yards
Why I love it: It’s so cute and I can see Luna wearing it (possibly because the model looks like her)!

Ravenclaw Pride Socks by Ann Kingstone

© Ann Kingstone
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 766 – 875 yards
Why I love it: They are so well done (check out the sides, heels, and bottoms)! And you better believe she has them for all the houses!

Yule Ball Engageantes by Corrina Ferguson

© Interweave Press
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 395 yards
Why I love it: They’re divine and the perfect accompaniment to a fancy dress!

Duelling Wands by Kelly Brooker

© Kelly Brooker
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 213 – 984 yards
Why I love it: For the littlest wizards – the cable down the arm gives the illusion of movement like he’s doing magic!

Fledgling Owl Cowl by Thread Forward

© Thread Forward
Yarn Weight: Bulky
Amount: 70 – 85 yards
Why I love it: It’s a cowl full of Hedwigs!

Expecto Patronum by Karen Troyer Ladman

© Karen Troyer Ladman
Yarn Weight: Aran
Amount: 150 – 210 yards
Why I love it: The staghorn cables remind me of Harry’s patronus, which reminds me of Snape’s patronus, which reminds me of one of the best/saddest parts of the books. Always.

Owlery by Lori Wagner

© 2014 Lori Wagner
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 260 – 520 yards
Why I love it: It’s the whole parliament of owls (yes, I looked it up, that’s what a group of owls is called) from the Hogwarts owlery!

Vintage Video Games

Duh duh na duh, duh na duh, duh na duh… You know what I mean. It’s going to be stuck in your head now.

I Dream of Falling Blocks by Amy van de Laar

© Amy van de Laar
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 810 yds
Why I love it: This is fantastic knit for anyone who grew up in the 80s with the original Tetris on NES.

Star Wars

Do or do not. There is no try.

It’s a Trap! by Beth Graham

© Anne Podlesak
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 1300 yards
Why I love it: Perfect for the padawan who’s not afraid of a little color.

Joining the Dark Side Cowl by Deirdre Lejeune

© Deirdre Lejeune
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 600 yards
Why I love it: it transitions from the dark side to the light side, and back to the dark side – because no one ever comes back from the dark side!

These Aren’t The Droids… by Cable’n K8

© Cable’n K8
Yarn Weight: Aran
Amount: 700 – 800 yards
Why I love it: Perfect for cosplay or just to stay warm while you wait for the midnight showing of the new Star Wars!

All of these fandom inspired patterns are eligible to knit/crochet in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long. Pick up one (or 10) and then come join in the KAL/CALs for chances to win prizes!

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