Indie Design Spotlight – Colorful Geometry

Tessellations, and geometry, and Escher, oh my! I wear a lot of solid dark colors and like to spruce them up with a pop of color and cool geometrical shapes. It makes me look waaay more stylish than I actually am and without a lot of thinking involved (what’s the word for that? Oh, right. Lazy.). These designs do not shirk away from complicated shapes or color. Why am I including these as on the last spotlight before the sale ends? (That’s right, the sale ends tonight at 11:59pm US-EST!!!) Well, honestly, they’re the kind of knits I would like as a gift. Hint, hint, knitter friends…


Stripy Ziggy Stripy Zaggy by Kate Bostwick

© Kate Bostwick
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 200 yards
Why I love it: If you can look beyond the ADORABLE children (you have to try really hard, they’re really cute), you will see a very cool and versatile hat that’s available in 4 sizes. Gifts for the whole family!

The Great Missowski by Julia Trice

© mindofwinter
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 920 – 1690 yards
Why I love it: It’s so colorful and super chic. And holy smokes, it was inspired by the Dude’s sweater – now I love it even more!! Sorry, I have to do it: This sweater will really tie your wardrobe together.

Trondra by Emily K Williams

© Emily K Williams
Yarn Weight: Light Fingering
Amount: See pattern notes
Why I love it: Emily manages to make not only the colorwork geometrical, but also the construction. It has instructions for a lining with super soft yarn so it’s extra warm and feels great on your head.

Polar Prism Cardigan by Jennifer Beaumont

© André Beaumont
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 1227 – 1987 yards
Why I love it: It reminds me a bit of button candy (without the horror of realizing you ate some of the paper with the candy). Check out the other projects to see how different color combos can give this sweater completely different looks.

Impavido by Christiane Burkhard

© Christiane Burkhard
Yarn Weight: Sport
Amount: 1100 – 1200 yards
Why I love it: Go look at the pattern page!! You can wear this as a shawl, cowl, skirt, shirt, vest, poncho – the possibilities are endless!

Teegan by Cynthia Spencer

© Really Clear Instructions
Yarn Weight: Sport
Amount: 225 – 300 yards
Why I love it: This is the most cheerful hat and it makes me smile.

Rock the Kasbah by Cindy Garland

© Wild Prairie Knits
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 900 yards
Why I love it: It’s beautiful as is, but check out the projects for several super colorful variations.

Circus Tent Arm Warmers by Ella Austin

© Ella Austin
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: See pattern notes
Why I love it: These are really happy mitts and are a great way to use up scraps. I think I would like a set that didn’t actually match!

Wavy Infinity Scarf by Gabrielle Vézina

© Gabrielle Vézina
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 350 – 1200 yards
Why I love it: You can use as few as 2 colors or all the colors you have – and since it’s slipped stitch colorwork, you’ll only work with one a time!

Cosan Convertible Mitts by Kris Carlson

by kniftyred Flickr
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 255 – 285 yards
Why I love it: There is something very Escher-ish that love about these. Also, they’re mittens that open and button back so you don’t have to try to do the lobster-claw thing when you need to use your fingers.

Ancient Artifact by 10 Hours or Less

© 10 Hours or Less
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Amount: 420 yards
Why I love it: It’s a bold statement piece with the classic Greek key and since it’s done in worsted it’s a quick knit with big payoff!

A blanket for Ivy by bunnymuff

© knitpicks
Yarn Weight: DK
Amount: 1107 – 1722 yards
Why I love it: Equally beautiful for a new baby or a new house – and it’s modular so you can make it as big or a little as you want!

Electric Gumdrops by Kimberly Golynskiy

© 80skeins
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Amount: 162 – 872 yards
Why I love it: The stashbuster version is my very favorite thing to wear for two reasons: 1. It reminds me of all the projects I’ve knit over the years and 2. The compliments!

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