Indie Design Gift-A-Long: Design Spotlight – Wine!

Wine, the nectar of the Gods, has been an inspiration for artists since humans first figured out how to ferment fruit and get silly.

Today’s #giftalong2014 Design Spotlight theme: Wine!

What better inspiration for design than Wine? It so very giftable, so why not make it a little more personal by wrapping it in something handmade? All the designs below are part of the Gift-A-Long and eligible to be knit/crochet for prizes through December 31, 2014 @ 11:59pm (EST)!

Drink Sweaters – by Lee Meredith (leethal)

Drink SweatersImage Copyright Lee Meredith

What’s more festive than holiday sweaters for your drinks?

Wine Country Shawlette – by Shannon Squire (shannon)

Wine Country ShawletteImage Copyright Twisted

A wine colored neck warmer to keep you cozy during a long weekend of wine tasting.

Wine Bottle Accessories – by Star Athena (starathena)

Wine Bottle AccessoriesImage Copyright Star Athena

Bringing a bottle of wine to the company’s White Elephant and want people to fight over it? Knit it a sweater, scarf, and a hat.

Spiced Wine – by Laura Aylor (LauraAylor)

Spiced WineImage Copyright Laura Aylor

Wine slowly warming with spices and orange peels is one of my favorite holiday traditions – this is that, but in hat form!

B√Ętonnage – by Christina Loman (redraveler)

BatonnageImage Copyright Christina Loman

Wine word of the day meaning stirring the grapes after fermentation to add more flavor. This adds flavor to your neck and legs because it’s a pattern for a cowl and legwarmers!

Family of Bottle Cozies – by Marie Godsey (NormallyAbnormal)

Family of Bottle CoziesImage Copyright Marie Godsey

A great reusable alternative to a gift bag for your holiday wine-giving!

Designs inspired by the wine make perfect gifts for the oenophile in your life and all of these patterns are eligible for prizes in the Gift-A-Long! Ready, set, gift!

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