Indie Design Gift-A-Long: Design Spotlight – Tolkien!

One design spotlight to rule them all,
One design spotlight to find them,
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And on this website bind them.

Today’s #giftalong2014 Design Spotlight theme: Tolkien!

I’m a hugely unapologetic Tolkien nerd (books AND movies, sorry purists). I have loved (and secretly wanted to live in) Middle Earth since I was a kid. I even have one of Tolkien’s drawings tattooed on my back – like big, and taking up the whole thing. So what better inspiration for design than characters from Tolkien novels from other designers/fans!? All the designs below are part of the Gift-A-Long and eligible to be knit/crochet for prizes through December 31, 2014 @ 11:59pm (EST)!

Lady of Rohan – by Becky Herrick

Lady of RohanImage Copyright Becky Herrick

“You fool. No man can kill me. Die now.”
“I am no man!”

Eowyn is awesome. And so is this shawl depicting her life.

Lanthir Lamath – by Ann Kingstone

Lanthir LamathImage Copyright Ann Kingstone

A name meaning “waterfall of echoing voices” and the model looks like Galadriel! You don’t get more Tolkien than that.

Mithrandir – by Amy van de Laar

MithrandirImage Copyright Amy van de Laar

What Would Gandalf Wear? This. He would wear this.

Arwen Cowl – by Ellen T. Andresen/SISO Designs

Arwen CowlImage Copyright Ellen T. Andresen/SISO Designs

A cowl suited to the halls of Rivendell or while out for leisurely ride trying not to be killed by Ringwraiths.

Leaves of Lothlorien Scarflette – by Peggy Jean Kaylor

Leaves of Lothlorien ScarfletteImage Copyright Peggy Jean Kaylor

The gift from the Elves to the Hobbit, or from you to someone you love. “Not idly do the Leaves of Lorien fall!”

Orc Slayer – by Rhiannon McCulloch

Orc SlayerImage Copyright Stitch Seekers

You can’t slay orcs without the proper headware!

Designs inspired by the peoples of Middle Earth make perfect gifts for the Tolkien Lovers in your life and all of these patterns are eligible for prizes in the Gift-A-Long! Ready, set, gift!

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