Indie Design Gift-A-Long: Design Spotlight – Science!

The universe is an amazing, beautiful, chaotic place. Science helps us understand the workings of everything from the smallest atom to the formation of galaxies.

Today’s #giftalong2014 Design Spotlight theme: Science!

Science is both educational and inspiring! All the designs below are part of the Gift-A-Long sale period – use code giftalong2014 for 25% off through November 21, 2014 @ 11:59pm (EST)!

Orbital Ornaments – by Laura Chau (cosmicpluto)

Orbital OrnamentsImage Copyright Laura Chau

This is a baby-mobile I can get behind! Or maybe a science-themed Christmas tree?

Arriba, Amoeba – by Annie Watts (wattsolak)

Arriba AmoebaImage Copyright Annie Watts

Adorable science themed mitts – and LOOK!: perfect for microscope work!

Allotrope Hat – by Kimberly Voisin (IndianaKimberly)

Allotrope HatImage Copyright Practical Publishing

This stylish hat uses cables to simulate atomic structures

Young Einstein – by Julia Stanfield (j-j)

Young EinsteinImage Copyright Julie Stanfield

For the teeny tiny brilliant physicists in your life

Mitosis Hat – by Miranda Grant (Pokito)

Mitosis HatImage Copyright Miranda Grant

Betcha didn’t know cables could perfom mitosis!

Petrichor – by Michelle Meyer (akmmom)

PetrichorImage Copyright Michelle Meyer

Petrichor is my very favorite word (and smell) – it is the scientific term for the smell of rain on dry earth

Science is Beautiful Series – by Kimberly Golynskiy (80skeins)

Science is BeautifulImage Copyright Kimberly Golynskiy

I have my own series of science inspired shawls. There are 3 elemental shawls that use beads to create electron configurations of different elements – perfect for cheating in Chem class!

Any of these designs would make the perfect gift for the science-lover in your life and all of these patterns are 25% off during the GAL sale period with code giftalong2014! Ready, set, gift!

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