Ellerie Becca – the Bravest Girl in the World

The surgery went well and the amazing doctors were able to remove most of the tumor (which was 1/4 of the size of her head). She has been moved out of the pediatric ICU and is now just recovering. It will be a few days until her motor skills are back to normal, but she was back to her silly bossy self about an hour after she woke up. We won’t have the pathology back on the tumor until next week, so we’re not sure if this is the end of the war or just the first battle.

Some good knitting-related news
Cabled Net Shawl

My very first non-independently published pattern went live today in the Knit Picks Sock Yarn Shawls Collection!! It is called the Cabled Net Shawl and is available as part of the series of 7 shawls as an eBook or real book or as an individual download.1

Inspired by the fishing villages on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, the shawl combines fishing net-like openwork mesh and cabled spines and edges. This is the perfect summer shawl – it’s airy enough for a day at the beach, and warm enough for a breezy summer night.

For those of you with unused free pattern codes, this is not eligible as it is not independently published and rights do not revert to back for a year. Buuuut, the physical book is on sale for $8.99 today and it includes 6 other lovely sock yarn shawls!

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