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Shannon Squire is a fiber arts designer who lives in a bright and cheerful house in Southeast Portland with her husband and their two lovely children. Per my last post about new interview formatting, we’re giving video a go so we don’t lose all the tone and laughter that comes with talking with someone face to face. Shannon graciously agreed to be the first of our video interviews. Enjoy us in all our very lightly edited, awkward, giggly, non-gramatically correct goodness!

After we talked, Shannon showed me around her house and workspace and let me take lots of pictures. The house is full of creative projects – from the happy green kitchen cabinets (which I’m told were inspired by an episode of Grimm), to the framed History of Breakfast Cereals with actual pieces of cereal (this was not Shannon’s doing, but I took a picture anyway because it made me smile), to her studio which I think might be where half of the pins on Pinterest come from.

Shannon is so Crafty

She has baskets full of every color yarn you could imagine and jars full of buttons and notions. I’m massively jealous of the variation and organization of Shannon’s yarn stash and that her studio doesn’t look like a hurricane blew threw it. I’m not sure how with 2 little ones running around everything is so tidy, but I can only guess that Shannon is not only a super knitter, but a super mom, too.

Shannon Squire's Studio

Looking for links to stuff we talked about? Here ya go!
Yarn Store:
Twisted in Portland

Thea Colman, Isabell Kraemer, Custom Fit by Amy Herzog, La Maison Rililie, Katherine Leek, Lee Meredith, Star Athena

Bridges Shawlette
Mesh Leaf Cowl
Mellow Grellow Cowl

Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Knitted Wit

Cat Bordhi’s Peru trip

Hoping I got a picture of the crochet blanket she made for her husband? I did!

The blanket Shannon made for her husband

It was a great afternoon learning more about Shannon and her designs and inspiration!


Check out Shannon’s website: Gathering Wool, follow her on Instagram: shannonsq, Facebook: Shannon Squire Designs, and find her on Ravelry: shannon, where you can join her Ravelry group: Shannon Squire Designs

All images Copyright Kimberly Golynskiy.

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