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I met Lee Meredith at her house in Southeast Portland where she lives with her husband and their camera-shy cat Banzo (though I got a picture by pretending I wasn’t taking a picture – take that Banzo!). Lee is a “maker of things, and doer of stuff” as she says, but more accurately she’s an artist, photographer, graphic and website designer, upcycler, and an insanely creative mathematically minded knitwear designer. We chatted about her designs and why Portland is the place to be for crafty people.

After the interview, I got to tour around Lee’s place and take pictures. It’s the house of an artist who surrounds herself in beautiful creative things to encourage the making of more beautiful and creative things. The living room is full of art and a massive collection of vinyl. Another room is a library – like, a real life library where one whole wall is just books. And my favorite thing in the house (besides the yarn of course)? The coffee table has a built-in Trivial Pursuit board – sooooo cool. And by cool, I mean for massive trivia nerds like me.

Lee Meredith's House

As you would expect, her studio is filled with yarn in every color imaginable and samples of her designs are stacked floor to ceiling. Even the light switch is knitted. Every corner of the studio has something beautiful to look at and every inch of the house has some kind of art or photography or clever handmade thing. It’s like a leethal knits design, but in house form.

Knitwear designer Lee Meredith's Studio

After the photo shoot, we went to a food cart pod (my first time) for a quick bite to eat before meeting up with Lee’s knitting group. Knit night was at N.W.I.P.A., a bottle shop on SE Foster with a nice selection of beer and a laid back feel. The place has gotten some press lately so knit nights are sometimes really crowded with a lot of non-knitters. On this particular night, it was completely empty except for our group – which I didn’t mind at all because it gave us a chance to talk. I had so much fun meeting a very kind and funny group of crafters (I can’t just say knitters because we had a crocheter and needlepointer!). I worked on a little hot air balloon and Lee worked on a new design that is going to be AMAZING! I was so wrapped up in knitting and conversation, I completely forgot to take pictures. Well, we got a couple goofy/grainy ones on our phones:

Knit Night with Lee Meredith in SE Portland

I had a blast getting to know Lee and and spending time talking about design and the fiber arts industry. The next time I’m in Portland, I’m totally crashing her knit night again!

Looking for links to stuff we talked about? Here ya go!
Zulo (released the day after our interview)
Coloring Book Collection
Mikkey Cowl
Trunk Adventure Crescent

Upcycled sweater (with hood and new edgings)

Yarn/Crafty Stores:
Knitt’n Kitten

Heifer International
Doctors Without Borders
Outside In

Check out Lee’s websites: leethal knits and,  follow her on twitter: @leethal, instagram: leethalknits, and find her on Ravelry: leethal where you can join her Ravelry group: leethal knitters!
All images copyright Kimberly Golynskiy (except the picture of Kimberly Golynskiy, which is the copyright of Lee Meredith!).

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