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Laura Patterson is a knitwear designer in Kelso, Washington. We met at her beautiful house “overlooking” the Columbia River that she shares with her husband, Dave, and their sweet cat. I use quotes around overlooking, because as they told me, there’s only a tiny river view during times of the year when the trees have no leaves (you can see it above!). Even without a full view of the Columbia, it’s an amazing location perfect for inspiring designs.

Laura’s house is bright and cozy and quiet – the perfect place to knit. And despite being somewhere associated with darkness and gloom most of the year, the skylights in the roof filled the whole place with sunshine. The house has a wrap around deck. I asked Laura if she ever works out there and she said she tries but finds herself distracted by the beauty of the landscape. There is a big red barn in the back that I’m told will some day become the studio. And in the summer, their land is covered in wild blackberry bushes. It’s no wonder Laura designs so many wonderful airy lace projects with all of the natural inspiration in her backyard!

Laura Patterson's Home in Kelso, WA

After our interview, Laura showed me her studio and talk about organized! A few skeins of beautiful yarn sat neatly in a basket on the desk. I wondered how in the world a woman with over 100 designs kept so little yarn on hand – and then she opened the steamer trunk. The massive antique trunk was completely full of yarn. And the whole top layer was Baah Yarn – an amazing dyer from my neighborhood! I had the strong desire to “make it rain” yarn, but restrained myself and just took pictures.

Laura Patterson's Knitting Supplies

It was only a short visit in Kelso, because we had to be in Seattle for the next interview (and then Vancouver the following day), but had I the time, I would have happily sat and knitted on her deck for hours. It was lovely meeting Laura and talking about her designs and inspirations.

Looking for things we talked about? Here ya go!

elann Peruvian Sierra Aran
The Sheepwalk
Baah Yarn

Yarn Store:
La Favorites

Laura’s Blocking Wires available in 450 stores worldwide:
Fiber Dreams Blocking Wires

Check out Laura’s website: Fiber Dreams and follow her on Facebook: Fiber Dreams, Twitter: @FiberDreams, and Instagram: FiberDreams and find her on Ravelry: FiberDreams where you can join her Ravelry group: Fiber Dreams
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