Cupcakes and Dress-up Makes Everything Right with the World

Yesterday we celebrated Ellerie’s 3rd birthday and it was quite a shindig! It seems everyone had the same idea about dress-up gifts, so Ellie B can now put on her own play with a cast of 30. The cutest were the outfits my aunt got for her and my daughter from the local Japanese market. You can see them bowing to each other and can probably hear everyone in the background simultaneously saying “awwwww!”

I have been contemplating shaving my head as a sign of solidarity, but wanted to see how she was doing before I showed up looking like a very pale E.T. (my head is quite misshapen from years of hitting it on things). She does not notice that her hair is gone and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Since I was planning to shave it off, I decided to dye it purple first since it’s Ellie B’s favorite color. I figured she’d get a kick out of it, and boy was I right! I’m probably not going to shave it now, but I’ll likely cut it short and use the purple hair to make her some snap in pigtails into her hats – that way she can have purple hair too! =)

Ellerie and Me

You are all beautiful people and I adore you.

I haven’t been responding to a lot of stuff on Ravelry that wasn’t directly related to pattern questions/support, but I’ve been reading everything that has been written in the group and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support. It has been a rough patch for my family, and there is still a long road ahead for my niece, but we will persevere. My hiatus is still on, but I’m using the time to work on new stuff and make all the changes I’ve been planning for a while. And speaking of changes….

Name Change!

My designing name has officially changed to 80skeins! TheYarrrnPirate served me well, but it was time to move to something more professional that didn’t require me to squint and say “Yarrrrrrrrn.” I still don’t have my logo yet (hence why there is still a pirate at the top of my Rav group), but I’m hopeful it will be done soon. In the meantime, I’m updating my name and email everywhere I can think of and working on a website update and BIG PLANS!!! What are the big plans, you ask? Well the new group name is a bit of a hint… But that’s all I’m saying for now. =)

Around the World in 80 Skeins

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