A Change is Gonna Come

I’ve been planning for a while now to change my designing name. The Yarrrn Pirate started off as a joke I enjoyed (“What does a pirate knit with?” “Yarrrn.”) but has gotten less funny every time I have to explain to someone how to spell it or what it means. Now that designing has become my full-time job, it’s time to switch to a more professional name.

It’s not just a name change, but also the beginning of a very cool adventure that I hope everyone will be excited about! I have to be slightly mysterious about it until I am able to change my Rav name, the group name, and my website, but I promise to make a big announcement and explain everything as soon as I can! Everything is set and I’m just waiting on my new logo from my graphic designer to roll everything out. I promise, it’s going to be awesome!!

Congratulations to the Winners of Our First Giveaway!
Cabled Net Shawl

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest for the Knit Picks Sock Yarn Shawl Collection book which features my design Cabled Net Shawl. I loved reading about all the dream vacations you would all take – it really made me want to travel! Congratulations to Dulseigh (who would take an around the world trip) and tktl (who wants to sit poolside somewhere tropical) – I look forward to seeing your beautiful shawls.

Teaser of “Everythings Shiny, Cap’n!” – the Design for Kaylee

The Kaylee design is in process and coming soon!! The pictured version is almost right – just a few more tweaks and it will be time to start testing. It is a reversible open back shirt/short sleeve cardigan. It’s the perfect mix of tomboy (loose fitting t-shirt) and femininity (lace mesh and open back) – just like Kaylee! I plan to have 6-8 sizes so there will be loads of spots for testing. =)

Shiny Back

Another Design Coming for Testing

I don’t know what your stashes look like, but my remnants pile is growing by the day. Seismography did a good job of using up some of it, but I still had a lot of the little bits. This shawl is another great stashbuster and used up the rest of the yarn from Seismography. It’s a sideways worked shawl that uses bold colors in vertical stripes that grow from skinny to wide to create a cool geometric look.
Striped Shawl

An Update on Ellie B
Ellie & Manch
She began chemo a week ago and so far she is responding really well. They expected her to start feeling nauseated and tired this weekend, but it seemed to have the opposite effect! She has been super energetic and is still eating okay. I know it’s unlikely to stay this way through the whole 6-8 months of treatment, but it has been a great relief for my sister to be able to ease into it. I appreciate all the kind words, thoughts, and understanding from everyone. I’ve found most children’s hospitals have a wish list that include yarn and needles, so if you have some stash you want to get rid of, I’m sure there is a hospital in your area that would happily receive it!

For those of you who call Doernbecher’s your local children’s hospital, here is where you can send your extra knitting/crochet supplies:

Peggy Adams
Child Life Dept – Doernbecher’s
Mail Code: DC-10A
3550 SW US Veterans Hospital Rd
Portland, OR 97239

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