6 Patterns Now Available through the Knit Picks Independent Designer Partnership!

My patterns went up today on Knit Picks and I have my own designer page and you can finally see my face! 🙂 I am terribly un-photogenic and generally refuse to have my picture taken. My sister works as my model because a. she doesn’t mind the camera, and b. she puts up with me yelling ridiculous Tyra Banks ANTM phrases like “more tooching!” and “smize with your eyes!” In truth, that ruins more photos than it helps, but it never stops being funny.

Keli “tooching” (see, funny.)
Reflection and Refraction

Little Albatross Version 3

Little Albatross Version 3

It’s getting there! I worked the openwork hood first and it looks pretty cool on. I need to get my model over here to see it on the correct size and figure out what needs reworking. I’m definitely going to provide two different neck options 1. the openwork hood and 2. and openwork cowl.

It’s crazy hot and my city is on fire
I live in San Diego and the heat and wildfires of the last few days are insane! There have been 9 wildfires since Tuesday, and there’s no sign of them letting up while the temps are over 100 and the Santa Ana winds are still blowing. I’m a bit south of where it’s really raging, but we live near a canyon and have our bags packed and ready to go if needed. It’s too hard to pick which yarns I love most, so only my FOs are packed and everything else gets left behind. If anyone in San Diego has been evacuated and needs somewhere to go, PM me and you are welcome at my house!

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